Lessons I have learnt

Strong woman fly

Life throws you lemons, yes it is never the right time, yes things are always hectic, yes you never have enough money to start. So once we accept this, we can move forward! Stop waiting for the lemonade AND MAKE YOUR OWN!

Things have been changing quite a bit in my life, and so it keeps changing. I as a coach sometimes need to be coached too 😉 My best is, when I talk to my husband about something that is worrying me, wanting him to listen and be sympathetic, he throws my own advice I give to others right back at me. Yes, true that I actually had to hear it, but it takes me a while to realise that, hehe.

I am so excited about where things are going, I am not fearing change. I was, once again, fearing whether I am making the right choices, until another coach reminded me, this week, of big decisions I have made in the past that have been right, and that I need to trust myself.

My baby is due in a month, I felt I was not ready for the birthing process. But I realise this is why we are pregnant for so long, so that we have time to ready ourselves 😉 Finally I feel that I am mentally prepared for my journey. Well, as ready as can be 😉 It takes time to process and accept what you can not plan or change. As much as I like being in control, this is one thing I can not control, so I had to come to terms with it. But I do have my birth wish, as I did with Troy. And I trust myself and my body to do what it needs to make it an amazing experience either way 🙂

So lessons I have learnt:

  • Trust yourself and your decisions
  • You make life what it is, no matter the situation
  • Accept what you can’t control and work on what you can
  • Embrace change, be excited for it, it means you are moving forward
  • Self doubt is ok!!! Just don’t let it stop you. Move past it!

My best saying at the moment is:

“If you are not happy with the situation, change it! If you can’t change it, change your ATTITUDE”

Woman strong in journey


Life of a Preggy Working Mamma


I can’t believe how time is flying by! You just don’t have time to focus on the pregnancy when you are a mama, trying to start a new business and still keep fit.

My days consists of:

  • Spending quality time with Sir Troy my 15 month old gorgeous boy
  • cleaning/tiding house
  • working on and in my current businesses
  • working on my new business
  • studying (now for my NLP certification)
  • doing my Business optimisation course
  • coaching clients
  • trying to squeeze in some exercise on most days.

Is it easy, hell no! But am I loving it, hell yes!

What I do realise though, is that the pregnancy and new baba kind of takes a back seat. When you are pregnant for the first time, everything else comes second and the number one most important thing is that baba is having a good old chilled time. It was like time was standing still for me the first time, but not this time, now there is work to do and no time to hang out and ‘be pregnant’.

Is this a bad thing? Well I don’t know, it does feel good to not be constantly focussed on the pregnancy and worrying about if everything is ok. It is nice to have time go by quickly.

BUT perhaps afterwards I will feel sad that I did not stop and enjoy it just a little bit, perhaps this baba will feel that she wasn’t given all the love and attention from in the womb already. So the secret actually is that we need to find balance between ‘work and play’. No regrets on either side of work OR play.

One thing I have learnt so far is that you need to have a plan, time management plan, when time is limited you need to know exactly what you are doing every minute of the day, and what I am STILL learning is that you need to incorporate chill out time in their too, time to talk to your loved one who is yet to join you on the outside, time to just watch a show with your family, and know that life is built on experiences, so we need to make those experiences count 🙂


Who is Roxi Smith?

I knew that one day I did not want to work for someone else. How this was going to happen, I did not know, but I knew it would.

At the tender age of 22 I started running my first business, a ladies only gym called Curves. I did this in partnership with my mom. She was running her own franchise that she had opened earlier in the year and I was to run this one.


I learnt a lot very quickly and was determined to show that I could do this successfully, especially when people dismiss you because of your age. My franchise ended up being one of the first 6 in South Africa out of over 100 to get the Shining star award as the best performing club. I was also chosen to be a Mentor for our Curves head office helping other club owners and staff, I also served on the National Marketing board for many years.

My club continued to grow and so my mom and I decided to put a manager into the club and have me as a regional manager for our now 5 clubs. All 5 of our clubs have been successful but we realised we were being over ambitious with our time and therefore sold some of the clubs to have more focus.

During this time I had my own life transformation losing 20kg + and becoming one of the top triathletes in my age category after being a ‘nobody’ for years. This came with determination, visualisation and goal setting.


I am now a wife and a mother of a beautiful baby boy of which I had the most simple pregnancy whilst continuing to exercise throughout. I was back to my full triathlon training within 5 months and got a podium finish in the 2 events that I participated in, before falling pregnant again to give Sir Troy a little sibling.

(A side story to tell, a Dr told me I could not give birth naturally and that I had to have a C-Section, but being confident in myself and my body I pushed for a second opinion, found a team that believed in me, and ended up having the perfect all natural birth at a birthing centre)

I have been able to use all my experiences and knowledge (I LOVE to learn, so I do as many courses as I can) to help others both at work and in my personal life. I now realise I want to take this and broaden my scope of people I can help. This is where my idea of becoming a Life Coach came in.

I shall follow my passion, making the world a happier place one person at a time 😉


Time to get started


A conversation with my mom/business partner:

Mom: “So you will do the group coaching sessions”

Me: “No I don’t think I am ready, I need more experience”

Mom: “You need to stop doubting yourself, your case studies went really well, you are ready”

THEN . . .

The ‘ah ha’ question: Mom: “How do you get more experience???”

You have to start somewhere! We all have these great ideas but sadly they usually end up just staying that. We never feel like we are ‘ready’ or ‘prepared enough’ to take the next step. Fear, procrastination, we must not let these things stop us from being awesome! At the end of the day no matter what excuse we have for never following the great idea we had, it is a choice we make.

The time is now, we are not preparing to live one day, we ARE LIVING today!!



Coming out of a Rut


These last 2 weeks have been tough. I found myself hitting a bit of self doubt and asking myself what on earth am I doing. What I realised is when you are in this cycle of self doubt and self pity, it is very difficult to get yourself out. You can not see beyond the negative thoughts in your head. And the truth is I didn’t really want to. I wanted to go through this process and recalculate where I am and what I need to do next. I wanted to role it out and just deal with my emotions.

It hasn’t been easy but I am now slowly getting out of it. I am starting to see the light again.


I am able to take lessons out of my experience over the last 2 weeks and use it to work on the aspects that have been worrying me. I can now iron out any doubts I had and reassure myself that I am on the right path.

MONEY, finding the balance? This was the tipping point for my ‘downfall’ over the last 2 weeks.


I never say I want ‘enough money’ to do the things I want, as I do not believe one ever has ‘enough’, and you will then find yourself chasing money for the rest of your life. The secret is not to focus on the money but to focus on what it is you want and know that you will have enough of what you need to get that that you want. What I mean is, for example, spending time in the park with family is something I love to do and yet it does not require money, it requires time. So chasing money will take my time and I will not have the time to go to the park 😉 I want to travel and that requires money, so I need to plan my funds and do enough work to be able to afford to travel.

Homework to my readers and I: Decide what it is you really love and what resources you need to have it? You may be surprised to see you are focusing on the wrong things. It is never to late to make a change.


Enjoy The Journey


We visualise, we plan, we research, and then boom, you find out that your idea was no good to begin with, so what do we do? We adjust our thinking/idea and then once again we visualise, plan and research. This has been on repeat for some time now.

Is it a waste of time? Am I getting nowhere? NOT AT ALL! This has all been such a great learning curve for me. I am so excited about all the new information I have and I feel like I am moving more and more into the right direction. Funny thing is the more information I get the more I want!

I found a website that has free online courses and I have started one already. I was told of some great entrepreneurial books that I have started reading. And yet I have ‘less time’ than ever before in my life 😉

Life throws unexpected twists (more on mine later). This happens to each and every one of us all the time. The secret to staying focused is to keep your eye on the prize. Time does not stand still and wait for you to be ready to get going again. That dream life we all want to live is not going to suddenly appear and say, ‘sorry I know things are hectic for you so I will not make you have to work to get me’ 😉

You have a dream . . . GO AND GET IT! And enjoy the journey there 🙂


Life Beyond The Blog Challenge


I got a feeling . . . That today is going to be a good day (Singing black eyed peas)

The ball has finally started rolling in the direction I have been wanting. I am doing my research for my website, doing my coaching case studies which are going real well, reading some books that will help on this path. Things are slowly but surely falling into place. Thats the great thing about ‘what you think is what you get’. The challenge I did a week ago made me think non stop about what it is I want, and now the universe is working with me to get me there.

Am I scared of my ideas failing, heck yes! BUT I will never know unless I actually take the leap and try.

One of the best things ever said to me was, ‘we can not succeed until we have failed!’ We need to learn from our failures in order to be successful. So either way I reckon I have nothing to lose 😉

Onward we sail . . .