My perfect day


I woke up this morning to the sound of the sea in the background and a glimpse of the sunrise coming into my room. I turn over in my bed and have a look outside and see the sun coming up over the sea. My husband then gives me a kiss good morning and offers to go and make us a cup of tea.

We lie in bed and drink our cup of tea looking over the ocean and discussing the day ahead. Our fur babies are in our room on the other side lying comfortably in the sun. We then get up, I go to my sons room and he is lying in bed playing with his feet. He gives me a big smile and says “Good morning mommy, I love you”

We all get dressed and ready. We then all meet up in the kitchen downstairs and make breakfast together singing along to the songs on the radio. We sit and eat our breakfast on the deck outside overlooking our pool and the ocean whilst the dogs are running around outside.running-pramJay heads off to run some errands whilst Troy and I are off to do a run along the promenade (Troy in the pram) We meet with Jay afterwards for coffee at our favourite coffee shop. Jay then takes Troy to the park with the dogs to play whilst mommy gets some work done. I go home, have a shower in my all glass open plan shower whilst looking at the ocean. I then go downstairs and do some life coaching sessions with my clients on Skype. I am doing this in my office which is downstairs next to the deck with glass windows looking out to the ocean.

I then go to meet Jay and Troy for lunch at a health shop down the road from home.

I come home and check up on my online website, do a little admin and check my Trades for the day.

We all go for a swim in the sea and I then lie on the beach and watch Troy and Jay attempting to surf.

We take Troy for his late afternoon playdate at the orphanage and take some goodies with us to drop off for the kids. I sit and discuss the next project with the ladies of the orphanage whilst the kids play.

We come home and all together we start prepping for dinner. We have dinner and reflect on the day. Jay baths Troy whilst I sit on the deck and listen to the ocean. I am enjoying my quiet time whilst thanking the universe for everything I have. We put Troy to bed and Jay and I watch a show together.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3



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