Life of the Jetsetter


“Holiday time AGAIN” . . . Man I could never get bored of hearing that. This is what ‘Location independence’ will be to me, being able to go on a holiday when ever I want. Once a month at least to be exact.

Now how can I expect to go on holiday so often? How will I work and make money? These are the questions I hear you asking. Let me answer that for you by giving you an idea of a typical day of work on my holiday . . .

I am in the Greek islands:


  • We wake up and have breakfast on our balcony looking at the gorgeous view
  • We head down to the beach for a walk and swim
  • We come back to the flat and I do 2 skype coaching sessions before we all have lunch
  • We head off exploring and spending time lazing on the beach
  • I come back to the flat in the late afternoon and do another skype coaching session whilst Jay and Troy stay on the beach

See that, I fit in 3 clients in one day. I could do this every day or maybe every 2nd day. I can do my email follow ups either in the morning before our walk or in the early evening before dinner.

The beauty of being an online coach is that I can do it from anywhere. I can inspire my clients by the things I learn on my journeys. Especially my athlete clients as I will be doing quite a bit of triathlon and running races overseas.

Holidays, racing overseas, online coaching = SUCCESS 🙂



This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9



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