Life Beyond The Blog Challenge


I got a feeling . . . That today is going to be a good day (Singing black eyed peas)

The ball has finally started rolling in the direction I have been wanting. I am doing my research for my website, doing my coaching case studies which are going real well, reading some books that will help on this path. Things are slowly but surely falling into place. Thats the great thing about ‘what you think is what you get’. The challenge I did a week ago made me think non stop about what it is I want, and now the universe is working with me to get me there.

Am I scared of my ideas failing, heck yes! BUT I will never know unless I actually take the leap and try.

One of the best things ever said to me was, ‘we can not succeed until we have failed!’ We need to learn from our failures in order to be successful. So either way I reckon I have nothing to lose 😉

Onward we sail . . . 



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