Enjoy The Journey


We visualise, we plan, we research, and then boom, you find out that your idea was no good to begin with, so what do we do? We adjust our thinking/idea and then once again we visualise, plan and research. This has been on repeat for some time now.

Is it a waste of time? Am I getting nowhere? NOT AT ALL! This has all been such a great learning curve for me. I am so excited about all the new information I have and I feel like I am moving more and more into the right direction. Funny thing is the more information I get the more I want!

I found a website that has free online courses and I have started one already. I was told of some great entrepreneurial books that I have started reading. And yet I have ‘less time’ than ever before in my life 😉

Life throws unexpected twists (more on mine later). This happens to each and every one of us all the time. The secret to staying focused is to keep your eye on the prize. Time does not stand still and wait for you to be ready to get going again. That dream life we all want to live is not going to suddenly appear and say, ‘sorry I know things are hectic for you so I will not make you have to work to get me’ 😉

You have a dream . . . GO AND GET IT! And enjoy the journey there 🙂



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