Coming out of a Rut


These last 2 weeks have been tough. I found myself hitting a bit of self doubt and asking myself what on earth am I doing. What I realised is when you are in this cycle of self doubt and self pity, it is very difficult to get yourself out. You can not see beyond the negative thoughts in your head. And the truth is I didn’t really want to. I wanted to go through this process and recalculate where I am and what I need to do next. I wanted to role it out and just deal with my emotions.

It hasn’t been easy but I am now slowly getting out of it. I am starting to see the light again.


I am able to take lessons out of my experience over the last 2 weeks and use it to work on the aspects that have been worrying me. I can now iron out any doubts I had and reassure myself that I am on the right path.

MONEY, finding the balance? This was the tipping point for my ‘downfall’ over the last 2 weeks.


I never say I want ‘enough money’ to do the things I want, as I do not believe one ever has ‘enough’, and you will then find yourself chasing money for the rest of your life. The secret is not to focus on the money but to focus on what it is you want and know that you will have enough of what you need to get that that you want. What I mean is, for example, spending time in the park with family is something I love to do and yet it does not require money, it requires time. So chasing money will take my time and I will not have the time to go to the park 😉 I want to travel and that requires money, so I need to plan my funds and do enough work to be able to afford to travel.

Homework to my readers and I: Decide what it is you really love and what resources you need to have it? You may be surprised to see you are focusing on the wrong things. It is never to late to make a change.



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