Time to get started


A conversation with my mom/business partner:

Mom: “So you will do the group coaching sessions”

Me: “No I don’t think I am ready, I need more experience”

Mom: “You need to stop doubting yourself, your case studies went really well, you are ready”

THEN . . .

The ‘ah ha’ question: Mom: “How do you get more experience???”

You have to start somewhere! We all have these great ideas but sadly they usually end up just staying that. We never feel like we are ‘ready’ or ‘prepared enough’ to take the next step. Fear, procrastination, we must not let these things stop us from being awesome! At the end of the day no matter what excuse we have for never following the great idea we had, it is a choice we make.

The time is now, we are not preparing to live one day, we ARE LIVING today!!




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