Life of a Preggy Working Mamma


I can’t believe how time is flying by! You just don’t have time to focus on the pregnancy when you are a mama, trying to start a new business and still keep fit.

My days consists of:

  • Spending quality time with Sir Troy my 15 month old gorgeous boy
  • cleaning/tiding house
  • working on and in my current businesses
  • working on my new business
  • studying (now for my NLP certification)
  • doing my Business optimisation course
  • coaching clients
  • trying to squeeze in some exercise on most days.

Is it easy, hell no! But am I loving it, hell yes!

What I do realise though, is that the pregnancy and new baba kind of takes a back seat. When you are pregnant for the first time, everything else comes second and the number one most important thing is that baba is having a good old chilled time. It was like time was standing still for me the first time, but not this time, now there is work to do and no time to hang out and ‘be pregnant’.

Is this a bad thing? Well I don’t know, it does feel good to not be constantly focussed on the pregnancy and worrying about if everything is ok. It is nice to have time go by quickly.

BUT perhaps afterwards I will feel sad that I did not stop and enjoy it just a little bit, perhaps this baba will feel that she wasn’t given all the love and attention from in the womb already. So the secret actually is that we need to find balance between ‘work and play’. No regrets on either side of work OR play.

One thing I have learnt so far is that you need to have a plan, time management plan, when time is limited you need to know exactly what you are doing every minute of the day, and what I am STILL learning is that you need to incorporate chill out time in their too, time to talk to your loved one who is yet to join you on the outside, time to just watch a show with your family, and know that life is built on experiences, so we need to make those experiences count 🙂



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