Lessons I have learnt

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Life throws you lemons, yes it is never the right time, yes things are always hectic, yes you never have enough money to start. So once we accept this, we can move forward! Stop waiting for the lemonade AND MAKE YOUR OWN!

Things have been changing quite a bit in my life, and so it keeps changing. I as a coach sometimes need to be coached too 😉 My best is, when I talk to my husband about something that is worrying me, wanting him to listen and be sympathetic, he throws my own advice I give to others right back at me. Yes, true that I actually had to hear it, but it takes me a while to realise that, hehe.

I am so excited about where things are going, I am not fearing change. I was, once again, fearing whether I am making the right choices, until another coach reminded me, this week, of big decisions I have made in the past that have been right, and that I need to trust myself.

My baby is due in a month, I felt I was not ready for the birthing process. But I realise this is why we are pregnant for so long, so that we have time to ready ourselves 😉 Finally I feel that I am mentally prepared for my journey. Well, as ready as can be 😉 It takes time to process and accept what you can not plan or change. As much as I like being in control, this is one thing I can not control, so I had to come to terms with it. But I do have my birth wish, as I did with Troy. And I trust myself and my body to do what it needs to make it an amazing experience either way 🙂

So lessons I have learnt:

  • Trust yourself and your decisions
  • You make life what it is, no matter the situation
  • Accept what you can’t control and work on what you can
  • Embrace change, be excited for it, it means you are moving forward
  • Self doubt is ok!!! Just don’t let it stop you. Move past it!

My best saying at the moment is:

“If you are not happy with the situation, change it! If you can’t change it, change your ATTITUDE”

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